Hey loves! Today I am sharing some Golden words of wisdom direct from the Tropic Skincare Blog. I know that our gorgeous Summer is passing on but there’s no reason why you can’t keep your amazing tan right through the year!

Tropic Skincare Summer Goddess Shimmering Body Oil

Radiant, healthy-looking skin never goes out of style. Infused with mica particles for an enviable shimmer,Summer Goddess Shimmering Body Oil boasts golden jojoba oil, which absorbs easily into skin for hydration that lasts for hours after application*.

Delivering a gorgeous, subtle shimmer to a variety of skin tones, this nourishing body oil brings an enviable honeyed glow within your reach whatever your complexion. The Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla serves up a tropical holiday scent which will leave you smelling delicious, too!

Now we’ve let you in on just how a shimmer body oil could help you step up your glow, all that’s left to do is add one to your summer skincare routine!

To read more from Tropic HQ and to keep your inner goddess glowing then please click the “Source” article below and get ready to feast your eyes on some amazing golden wonders!


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