Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all still enjoying this wonderous weather?! I am finding it a tad hotter than I can bear at times but Hey Ho! I’m not complaining at all!! In my last blog I featured one of my Tropic faves and after expressing a little more love on my Facebook page, I was delighted to get some wonderful new clients who were keen to get their hands on some of Tropics finest! And you guessed it Tropic Sundrops were the talk of the day.

Fast forward to a few days later and Oh my…….

One customer that’s happy to Shine with TROPIC!

Well what more can I say?! This is exactly what I love to see! I truly feel every inch an Ambassador of one of the most environment friendly yet totally luxurious beauty brands around! Thank you Tropic and Thank you to the gorgeous Andrea for giving herself one of the best gifts ever! I’ll of course share more of my Tropic loves journeys along the way it’s certain to be a bright future 😉

So what else have I been up too?!

The Dream of a Team! What a lovely bunch?! x

Well as they say, “All work and no play means a very dull time!” (or something like that?!) So this weekend I headed out on a little Tropic team adventure at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Chester! Along with my fantastic Team Leader Helen, I had a fabulous meetup with some wonderfully inspiring women who also believe and live the Tropic dream. It was a lovely time in a magnificent setting and again it reminds me how lucky I am to be able to travel, make new friends and gain incredible support from those with the same interests as me! I know I’ve said it a lot but it really feels this like this is like my time to shine!

As always, I love to hear what you guys think about my brand new blog and any feedback you have is always welcome! So go ahead and drop a comment below and I’ll be in touch very soon!


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