Hey loves! Today I am sharing some Golden words of wisdom direct from the Tropic Skincare Blog. I know that our gorgeous Summer is passing on but there’s no reason why you can’t keep your amazing tan right through the year!

Tropic Skincare Summer Goddess Shimmering Body Oil

Radiant, healthy-looking skin never goes out of style. Infused with mica particles for an enviable shimmer,Summer Goddess Shimmering Body Oil boasts golden jojoba oil, which absorbs easily into skin for hydration that lasts for hours after application*.

Delivering a gorgeous, subtle shimmer to a variety of skin tones, this nourishing body oil brings an enviable honeyed glow within your reach whatever your complexion. The Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla serves up a tropical holiday scent which will leave you smelling delicious, too!

Now we’ve let you in on just how a shimmer body oil could help you step up your glow, all that’s left to do is add one to your summer skincare routine!

To read more from Tropic HQ and to keep your inner goddess glowing then please click the “Source” article below and get ready to feast your eyes on some amazing golden wonders!


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Beauty with a conscience

Tropic Beauty

Hello everyone! I hope this week finds you all shining, safe and well!

I thought I’d start with a little inspiration courtesy of Tropic Facebook HQ.

“We believe in four golden (or should we say green) rules:

 Naturally effective ingredients
 Freshness for your skin
 Green science innovation
 Beauty with a conscience

That’s why all of our products are freshly made at our Surrey HQ, using the most nutritious ingredients, sustainably sourced from exotic, tropical regions across the globe. It’s also why we strive to be at the forefront of natural ingredient research and promise to never test on animals, nor use derivatives that cause them distress. We are a 100% cruelty-free, vegan brand now and always. “
Tropic Skincare Official Facebook

My travels this week funnily took me on a trip way back into my memories and I just had to share how I realised ‘beauty with a conscience‘ has always been so important to me even before I became a Tropic Ambassador!

So here goes, a little story I have to tell, when I worked for a high street brand. I was covering for a manager whilst she was on holiday and was totally horrified when one day a delivery man walked into the premises holding ‘A LOT‘ of real fur! They still had their heads, paws attached. It gives me goose pimples just to recollect this day.

I certainly turfed him away with disgust and the poor delivery man wasn’t best pleased either, he could not believe I wouldn’t take them! I felt ill at the thought of these poor animals, who are here because someone wants to buy, wear and use them.

As I’m remembering this awful day, I recall telling him to take them into the cellar. But he refused and said “he’s not allowed” to which I replied “OK no problem, take them away!!” There was no way  he was leaving them in the back of the store, where I would have to see them, and under NO circumstances was I touching them! And so he left with arms full of fur and a flea in his ear! (Sorry Mr delivery man but they had to go!)

PETA CrueltyFree_Vegan.png
The Tropic ethos that makes me happy!

I guess the moral of the story is, even now years on, when I came across Tropic with their ‘cruelty free‘ and ‘totally vegan‘ philosophy I knew this is the company I wanted to work with.

Tropic gif.gif

You see, you don’t have to be an activist or walk about with placards demonstrating your beliefs and opinions to the outside world. I just know how I love all animals, therefore why should I use them in this way, knowing how they have suffered in the process?

Image result for small changes

I firmly believe it’s all about small changes in how you want to see animals, just like humans, not to be harmed and suffer for the pleasure of others. Would you feel better in making a small change by simply using a skin or hair care product that is not only good for you, but is good for nature and the environment too?!

Within the next couple of weeks I’m going to discuss how Tropic has not only helped me with my own skincare, but has also changed my perspective of how I can make my own changes to help our beautiful world of today.

Stay tuned for more on this skin saviour!

This week I’m offering a great opportunity for you to learn more about the Tropic ethos and a few of our bestselling, cruelty free, must haves for you! If you’d like to get the updates direct to your inbox, to read at your leisure, please drop me your details below and I’ll be sure to be in touch very soon!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks read and until next time Keep Shining! 🙂


Everything speaks for itself!

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all still enjoying this wonderous weather?! I am finding it a tad hotter than I can bear at times but Hey Ho! I’m not complaining at all!! In my last blog I featured one of my Tropic faves and after expressing a little more love on my Facebook page, I was delighted to get some wonderful new clients who were keen to get their hands on some of Tropics finest! And you guessed it Tropic Sundrops were the talk of the day.

Fast forward to a few days later and Oh my…….

One customer that’s happy to Shine with TROPIC!

Well what more can I say?! This is exactly what I love to see! I truly feel every inch an Ambassador of one of the most environment friendly yet totally luxurious beauty brands around! Thank you Tropic and Thank you to the gorgeous Andrea for giving herself one of the best gifts ever! I’ll of course share more of my Tropic loves journeys along the way it’s certain to be a bright future 😉

So what else have I been up too?!

The Dream of a Team! What a lovely bunch?! x

Well as they say, “All work and no play means a very dull time!” (or something like that?!) So this weekend I headed out on a little Tropic team adventure at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Chester! Along with my fantastic Team Leader Helen, I had a fabulous meetup with some wonderfully inspiring women who also believe and live the Tropic dream. It was a lovely time in a magnificent setting and again it reminds me how lucky I am to be able to travel, make new friends and gain incredible support from those with the same interests as me! I know I’ve said it a lot but it really feels this like this is like my time to shine!

As always, I love to hear what you guys think about my brand new blog and any feedback you have is always welcome! So go ahead and drop a comment below and I’ll be in touch very soon!


Your time to shine with Sun Drops!

Hello there!

I hope you all haven’t missed me too much 😉 It’s been a very busy time in my Tropic world both for business and pleasure but I had to take a short moment to tell you all about a product that has been on my mind and most importantly on my skin throughout this recent gorgeous weather we’ve had in the UK!

manchester sunshine.jpg
A glorious sunny day in Manchester! 

This little golden wonder is aptly named ‘Sun Drops‘ and it’s not only award winning but also exceptionally good for the skin and here’s why it’s just too wonderful not to share!

Sun Drops
You don’t always need a rainbow to find a pot of GOLD!

Sun Drops’ is a signature cocktail of nutritious tropical ingredients – think passion fruit, coconut water and Aloe Vera – brightens and hydrates skin from the very first use. And, thanks to natural caramel extract, which acts as a helpful guide colour, there’s no need to worry about missing a spot.

Sun Drops is so easy to apply with your own moisturiser apply a few drops of  Sun drops, rub hands together and smooth over face and neck.  Wash hands in between applications and re apply until you have the desired tan.  Don’t forget that your tan will develop more overnight, giving you a spectacular non streaky glow in the morning.

As it has a caramel colour to start with, this means you can apply for all over coverage if you wish.

Made with natural plant allo-melanin and passion fruit extract!

I absolutely love it!!  I love the smell too and it won’t rub off onto your bedding which is a bonus too! Whoop whoop!

sundrops3But don’t just take my word for it here’s a glowing review from one of our Tropic Sun Drops enjoyers!


Product Review (submitted on 27 May 2018): “I normally spend a fortune on fake tan, but thought I’d try this after a very successful Tropic product party at a friend’s house. I was blown away by the results. I put 4 drops with my normal moisturiser and the results were fab – natural mid tan and no orange in site. I am now ditching my 100 a bottle face fake tan for this. Result!” Review by @LucyLovesFakeTan

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Much love and remember there is always time to shine with me! Xx



What a time to shine?!

Hello all my beautiful besties!

This blog comeback is all about moving forward and never looking back.
Over the last few months, I’ve learnt that life can be hard, messy and beautiful all at the same time.  Some days are complete perfection and some days are simply surviving, it’s all just part of it.

Life will inevitably consist of a few really hard days, uncertain situations and at times, feel like absolute chaos.  But, in the middle of that chaos, whether it be through illness – in my case.  We embrace it .  Those hard moments have made us exactly who we are. Albeit,  it’s not always easy. I am pleased to say I am back, full of vigour and enthusiasm!

Research I have done recently brought me to fall in love with a new product range to use within my existing business http://www.foodisyourfriend.co.uk and so you will now find all new updates, information and support right here at http://www.yourtimetoshine.blog.

What’s so great about the change?! Well now, you’ll not only get great nutrition insight with recipes but you will also get a full view of the beauty revolution that is Tropic Skincare too!

And the best part? Well, once you’ve heard about Tropic you can go onto my on-line shop and order direct from there.   So without any further a do – this is the story of what drew me to officially becoming a Tropic Skincare Ambassador!…